Computer Game Babe of the Year

Written by budiyanto on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 4:27 PM

Yeah I know it's nerdy and everything but I love this game..enough to buy it twice lol Fabianna Branco, who at first glance looks a little like Taylor  Momsen or the latest it girl type-but her fate is less than glamorous mind you she really kicks ass in multiplayer (she's very difficult to unlock-I have but when my first disc broke  I lost her character-not sure I'll try again , the TV  got alot of verbal abuse lol )but  I have created my own character for multiplayer deathmatches Betty Punchinello .. a bit of a wannabe Mona Sax  from New Jersey.

I really should stick some body and face armor on her -but it ruins her style lol

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