Love and Other Drugs Early Review

Written by budiyanto on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 5:33 PM

There have been some early screenings for Anne's next film Love and Other Drugs and some viewers have been leaving their comments on the film's IMDb forum.

Hollywood Elsewhere had this snippet from a review that particularly praises Annie. Saying she looks like the first major Oscar contender for next year! Wow. Love and Other Drugs sees Hathaway reuniting with her Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. I personally can't wait to see this!

Hathaway's Love and Other Drugs performance, in short, sounds like the first strong contender for a 2010 Best Actress Oscar.

"Anne Hathaway burns up the screen, and not just because she's naked half the time. Even when she's dressed you simply can't take your eyes off her. I thought she was good in Rachel Getting Married, but in this one -- as a free-spirit arty girl with early-onset Parkinson's -- she's very funny and really hard-core. My guess is another nomination will be coming her way.

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