Was Anne Hathaway Really Up For A "Spider Man 4" Role?

Written by budiyanto on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 4:44 PM

When it comes to the Spider-Man movie franchise these days, it seems like there are far more questions that answers. Are all these casting rumors accurate? Will the king of 3-D, James Cameron, have any influence on how Marc Webb tackles the gig? And did Sam Raimi ever get close enough to rolling cameras that there were concrete plans for the supporting characters ?

Over the years, we’ve spoken with Anne Hathaway many times and always found her to be exactly as you’d expect: Sweet, polite and never one to speak out of school. And when it came time to speak with her last week for the upcoming release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland re-imagining, we remembered that it was our first time talking with the actress since Raimi’s Spider Man 4 plans fell apart. So, it seemed reasonable that Hathaway might finally be willing to reveal how truthful those rumors were about her having a role in the now-canceled film.

Hathaway gave us a statement that reminded us of that earlier fact about her: She’s sweet, polite and never one to speak out of school.

“I don’t know how to answer that, because it’s not really happening anymore,” Anne said of those pesky rumors that she was once being considered to play Black Cat, an undetermined love interest, or anybody else.

“So,” Hathaway added diplomatically, “it’s best to leave in the past.”

There you go, Spidey fans. At this point, you have two choices of how you could look at Anne’s response:

1) Take the high road — Clearly, this is a nice girl who doesn’t want to rock the boat. Let’s admire her prudence, move on with our lives, and look forward to Webb’s Spider Man.

2) Be suspicious — If she had never been approached to be in Raimi’s Spider-Man, why would she have anything to hide? She’d likely just say “No, that was Internet nonsense” and then no one would ever ask her about it again, right? Oh, that sneaky Hathaway and her princess diaries!

Source: MTV News

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